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Dress appropriately. Clean, neat and professional clothing is appropriate for court. Shorts, t-shirts, low necklines, and torn clothing are not appropriate. Do not use ANY electronic device to take photos or record video or audio in OR near any courtroom OR in the court administration public area.

This includes cell phones, smart phones, tablets, pagers, or other recording devices. Some courts do not allow electronic devices in the courtroom, even if turned off. Learn more about the policy on cameras in the courtroom. In the courtroom, do NOT Only one person may speak at a time in the courtroom. A court reporter is recording everything that is said during a hearing, and the court reporter can only record one speaker at a time. Ask for permission to speak, and address the judge as "Your Honor.

Unless the judge has told you to bring your children to the hearing, please arrange for someone to take care of your children. If you must bring them to court, please bring a responsible person to care for them outside of the courtroom.

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No smoking or use of tobacco-related products may be used inside county-owned buildings. Please refer to Minnesota Court Rule 2. Juvenile Cases What to expect at your first court appearance if you received a summons for a juvenile petty or juvenile traffic offense: When you arrive to the courtroom, the juvenile should check in with the courtroom clerk.

The juvenile will be given a number and we do our best to call the cases in the order that the juvenile checks in some exceptions to this rule exist The juvenile will receive paperwork that needs to be read and signed by both the juvenile and parent or guardian.

Scott County, Minnesota

The juvenile and parents will then be seated in the courtroom until the Judge takes the bench. After the judge has finished reading the rights, everyone will have a seat in the hallway and will be called into the courtroom one by one according to the number they were assigned when checking in. When you arrive back to the courtroom, the courtroom clerk will collect the paperwork that you received.

The prosecutor will then discuss the charges with the juvenile and parent s and will go over some possible consequences. If an agreement is reached and the judge approves the agreement, it will be put in writing in an Order.

After the hearing, the juvenile and parent will take a seat in the conference room immediately outside the courtroom and wait to receive their copy of the Order. If there are any fines that need to be paid, those payments can be made at the Court Administration window located on the main level. If the juvenile is placed on probation under the supervision of Scott County Community Corrections, they will be directed to go and check in with that office following court. Arraignments for Petty Misdemeanor or Misdemeanor Cases Arraignment court is the first appearance for persons charged with a petty misdemeanor or misdemeanor.

Individuals are scheduled for an arraignment by either contacting the court or they may receive a notice of hearing from the court.

Scott County Iowa Parcel Search

Arrival at the courtroom… The courtroom door is typically opened around a. Please review the sign on the courtroom door that indicates the rules of behavior for the courtroom. Check-in with the court clerk… Form a line in the courtroom. Please bring your license, citation, or the notice of hearing that was mailed to you so we can more easily find your case in the computer.

You will be given two forms to read and complete; hang onto them — they will be collected later.

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Take a seat in the courtroom while others check-in. When everyone has checked in… The judge may address all individuals and advise them of their rights.

The prosecutor addresses the group to explain the procedure and options. If a case needs to be called by the judge, you will be advised and should wait in the courtroom until the judge takes the bench. Individuals may request to… Speak with the prosecutor to try to reach an agreement to resolve the case. Individuals who want to speak with the prosecutor will exit the courtroom and wait in the hallway for their name to be called. Understanding Property Taxes This short video available from The League of Minnesota Cities, "Special Delivery" is a story about city services and the factors that affect property tax rates.

Your property's valuation is included in the annual tax statement mailed each spring typically in March by Scott County. If you are responsible for paying your own property tax e.

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From over local government organizations. Property data is routinely updated, usually daily, from each jurisdiction's source data systems. Perform advanced searching of properties within each jurisdiction based on multiple assessment attributes e.

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