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In that regard, Charlie and I were contemporaries starting out as young lawyers.

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My wife Maryann and I probably met you at various My sympathies to Judge Smith's family. I worked in his law firm before he became a Judge. He was a true gentleman. Rest in Peace. I first met your Dad at the Coddington Inn in Ithaca, NY in and could immediately tell he was a very smart, funny and compassionate man. See you Sunday. Get email updates about The Honorable Charles Smith delivered directly to your inbox.

The Honorable Charles B. Smith, 78, of Malvern, Pennsylvania, passed away on October 17th, Smith, who served on both the State and Federal Bench, is survived by his loving wife Cynthia, with whom he shared 55 years of marriage. Born in Philadelphia, he was the second child of Charles M.

At Dickinson he was a member of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity and a member of Skull and Key, an honorary society for juniors. He went on to Dickinson School of Law and graduated with honors in Thereafter he entered the military and served in the U. Army Judge Advocate General Corps. Upon discharge from active duty in , he remained in Chester County to raise his family and start his career as a lawyer.

In the early 70s, he became a community activist and was the first paid legal-aid lawyer, building a program that was not wholly dependent on bar association funding but part of the growing nation-wide legal services model. In , he was appointed by the Common Pleas Court to serve as its first Juvenile Court Master and as Mental Health Review Officer; it was this appointment that occasioned his judicial aspirations.

In the opportunity presented itself, and he was appointed by the Governor and elected to the Court in the fall. Judge Smith became the seventh judge on the Chester County bench and in addition to his trial duties, he supervised the workings of the Juvenile Court. Judge Smith remained in the U. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. After his retention election in , there was a vacancy on the Federal District Court, and he was elected by that bench to serve as a U. Magistrate Judge.

The Judge served on that court until his retirement in The ALJ must consider all the relevant evidence presented and indicate the evidence he rejected and why he rejected it in arriving at his decision. See Adorno v.

Eastern District of Pennsylvania, paed-2:2007-cv-01917

Shalala, 40 F. Harris, F.

How Trump should respond to the judges opposing his travel ban

See Jozefick v. Shalala, F.

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Arn, U. Clark, F. Ryan, F. The District Court must review de novo those portions of the Report to which objections are made. The Court may "accept, reject or modify, in whole or in part, the magistrate's findings or recommendations. Halter, F. To prove disability, a claimant must demonstrate that: 1 she is not currently engaged in "substantial gainful activity," as defined in the regulations; 2 that she currently suffers from a "severe impairment;" 3 that her disability meets or equals an impairment listed in 20 C. At the fifth step of the analysis, the Commissioner considers a claimant's "ability to perform work," along with age, education, and past work experience to determine whether claimant "is capable of performing other work which exists in the national economy.

Here, the ALJ found that Plaintiff has the residual functional capacity to perform light work. Accordingly, even though the ALJ agreed that Plaintiff has a severe physical impairment, he also found that the impairment does not render the Plaintiff disabled.

The Honorable Charles Smith Obituary - Malvern, Pennsylvania | tabdarovtichan.tk

The Magistrate concluded that the ALJ's findings were supported by substantial evidence. RR at Plaintiff objects to the Report and Recommendation, arguing that the ALJ erred in rejecting the opinion of one of Plaintiff's doctors as to her residual functional capacity.

Plaintiff also objects to the Magistrate's analyses of: 1 the ALJ's discussion of her work history; and 2 the ALJ's purported failure to discuss the alleged side effects of her medication. These errors, argues Plaintiff, caused the ALJ improperly to reject her subjective complaints about her symptoms. It is evident that Plaintiff objects to the Magistrate's refusal to overturn well-supported factual findings made by the ALJ.

The Magistrate, of course, acted properly in declining to sit as a second factfinder. Accordingly, I accept his thorough and well-reasoned Report and Recommendation. James Stephenson, granting his views "significant weight," and discussing both the Plaintiff's subjective complaints to the Doctor as well as the results of the Doctor's physical examination. Plaintiff criticized the ALJ for failing to accept the Doctor's conclusions respecting limitations on Plaintiff's activities.

The Magistrate correctly noted that "[the ALJ] simply stated that he was according significant weight to [Dr.

One thought on “Judge 26th District: Carroll-Bridges Versus Smith; Candidate Profiles”

Stephenson's] assessment to the extent it was consistent with the objective medical evidence of record. Stephenson's "physical examination indicated an improvement [over earlier examinations]. The ALJ then described the objective facts demonstrating an increase in Plaintiff's range of motion and credited Dr. Stephenson's testimony "to the extent it is well supported by the objective medical evidence.

Magistrate Judge Charles B. Smith, lawyers and friends of Tafur, a young attorney who now is pursuing advanced studies in New York, portrayed him as the innocent victim of a financial transaction that went awry. Drug traffickers have been his personal and professional enemies, they argued.

Pa. Judge Fixes Her Own Parking Tickets

The judge agreed, saying there was no probable cause to extradite Tafur, The South American nation sent two accused drug traffickers to Miami in November to stand trial, and 30 more extradition requests by the U. Justice Department officials prefer to try such drug cases in the United States, but authorities in Colombia have noted that the extradition treaty should be a two-way street. The failed effort to extradite Tafur illustrates the sensitivity of relations between the two nations. The Clinton administration wants to strengthen anti-drug efforts in Colombia, where most of the cocaine that reaches the United States is produced.

The U. It is not unusual for Latin American drug fighters to be found profiting from the narcotics trade. In Colombia, more than two dozen politicians have been imprisoned for accepting drug money.