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How & Where Golf Club Counterfeiting All Got Started
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Is he cheaing? I am very cynical, but also kinda cheap. Or go to WalMart. First off I just want to thank u for this blog…it has really opened my eyes to this world of fake clubs. Just wanted ur opinion if these are safe or stay away from them. No physical address, misspellings on website and free delivery throughout the world. All three websites are probably the same corrupt organisation. I read too many messages on this site and everyone need to be careful! I have see so many times and I never order anything from the internet, because they were making some money from you while you play poor golf game!

Let me tell you what! My friend who work for the Golfsmith and he is very tired of see people bring fake club to trade in with other clubs. That store will reject it. When you see many golf cluib sell cheap on any website, that is simple, just click on contact us. When you see Chicago. All of them show Chicago. When you get the package and you can see china on return address! That is biggest joke!

Ping G10 Hybrid () Rescue Utility Headcover Sporting Goods - Scranton, PA at Geebo

If you really want good quality golf club, go to your local golf store and they will give you fitting and measure and you buy the golf club from them! I am not sure if that website came up in the post or not. Here it is again. Hi Nick. Unfortunately I have. Bought a set of Mizuno jpx pros which were stamped forged,not Pros I questioned Mizuno Australia about this who told me this was the Japanese model.

All good? Took them to Drummond golf for bending 2degrees upright and they snapped. Sent a head to Mizuno who told me they were copies. This was after golfwholesaleshop had assured me they were genuine. Steer clear. Has anyone heard of this website? When I questioned their online customer service they said these are original Pings with serial numbers?

Really Dwayne. I thought they would have said the clubs are all fake and that they had made up the serials numbers. Ever hear of a online site cheapgolf4u is this a legit online store or a bogas one selling fakes. Another sucker. And guess what you came up with cheapgolf4u. Look for the sign posts. Does it have a telephone number which is not just for taking orders, does it have a physical address for an actual retail outlet, does it offer free delivery throughout the world.

The answers will be no, no and no. I sent off an email to cheapgolf4u and received a very interesting reply. I think it about sums up the hundreds of bogus online golf retailers around the world. If you read it with a Chinese accent, all will become abundantly clear. We have no retail outlet and offer online service only. Any other question, please feel free to contact us.

One of the questions I asked was where they get there golf clubs from. I wonder where oversea is?

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Shenzhen perhaps? Has anyone bought clubs from this web sight? They claim to be a factory authorized dealer. Would like to know if this is true and are they selling genuine or fake clubs. How about this? Stop asking about the possibility of counterfit clubs! Stop asking about reputeable sites! Go to a Roger Dunn or golf Galaxy get your clubs there. Then there is NO question as to the legitamacy. Came within 4 days, no issues, clubs are great and legit by confirming at local Roger Dunn. I took the risk, you can now reap the reward.

AGAIN, if you still have to question it buy in person.

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It is that golf club manufacturers are participating in the biggest price fixing scheme I can remember. The fact that the retailers are in on it also is another story. Retail stores such as, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, and others must sign pricing agreements with the manufacturer before they are allowed to sell their clubs.

Have you ever noticed the exception wording on any of the sales you see from any of the big retailers. The only way any of the major clubs are included in any form of sale is when the manufacturer informs the retailer that they want to put certain items on sale, possibly to clear inventory. But I also think the retailers should be able to set their prices for new clubs since the manufacturers are going to get their money anyway and would possibly get even more if they relaxed this price fixing.

One Problem, and what drives people to the counterfeits——Roger Dunn, a store I usually love, has moved into the category of insanely high priced unless you go only for sales. Direct from Taylormade or just about anywhere else authorized they are , free shipping.

Cheap ping g 10 deals

How do you even remotely justify that?? Ahh, you think that price is cheap on the internet? Last few years ago, my friend who believe that internet cost cheap price for golf iron set than here. He got the package from UPS what I saw. He bring that iron club to me at my home. I checked the swing weight on each iron. From four to PW are not same as Callaway golf set.

My irons were same swingweight from Callaway here. What questions should I ask? I hate to see you all type about so many different business names by the internet as you believe that price is cheaper or unsure if that company make the golf club from other country. My friend told me the name of golf business and said from Chicago.

When he got a package and realized that address from China. He played with the club for few times as very bad and want to trade in with different club, but the Golfsmith rejected it, because the shaft is cheap and fake label. Do you believe it? That is very scam! Thats less than cost. Only the manufacturer is not Mizuno but a Chinese sweatshop. So, technically, they are not lying. How many more need to ask if top quality irons and drivers can be found at less than half the cost as everywhere else??? They claim:. No worries.

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Customer Service We take the clubs from factory directly, cutting the middleman. Hello guys!

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Past 20 years, I have see so many different golf clubs and some of them were fake last five years ago. I read all on this post as I knew everyone can lead to scam if they order cheap price from strange name business. Please listen very careful — I recommend not order any golf club from the internet as not famous golf business name from oversea! Best way for you, go to your favorite local golf store as Golfsmith or Edwin Watts and they are happy to measure, fitting, how fast you swing, computer check and you order the golf club as you play very good golf game!

I am looking at a sale catalog from Edwin Watts, certainly one of the most highly regarded golf retailers ever. I believe these brands have prices that retailers are not supposed to reduce.