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Chain of title research requires the legal description of property and the name of the current owner. The legal description is different from the address or Assessor's parcel number APN , and typically includes references to a section, township, and range; or in the case of more urban areas the description will include a subdivision name and lot number. With the legal description and name of the current owner, the customer can begin the process of property research in two ways:. A user cannot research by legal description, only by the name of the people involved as a grantor or grantee.

Look for the current owner's name as a grantee; match the legal description of the property. The document will list the grantor, start the process again locating this person as the grantee and matching the legal description. The index allows customers to view documents and research grantors and grantees from to present day. Please note this is an index only and the user will not be able to view the actual document image per GC The customer will be able to identify documents of interest to further research.

Viewing document contents may only be performed by visiting one of the San Bernardino County Recorder-Clerk offices. Before records are available on microfilm at the main Recorder office only, the microfilmed index is available by decade and the user will need to ask staff to check out these microfilm. Permits are documents issued by the county, or a city's, planning department.

Permits were not required in the jurisdiction of the county of San Bernardino until approximately ; certain cities did require building permits earlier. If the user is researching permits on the property start with the city in which the property resides. If the user is researching a permit on property in the County this research can be done at the San Bernardino County Building and Safety customer service counters during operating hours.

For more details please see Land Use's website. People often want to learn when their home was built. Rarely do Recorder documents mention buildings. Joshua Dorkin. Want more articles like this?

Create an account today to get BiggerPocket's best blog articles delivered to your inbox Sign up for free. By Joshua Dorkin. Thanks for the post.

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I was unaware of the book. I just ordered it and am looking forward to reading it. Randy Phillips wholesaler from Clovis, California Replied about 3 years ago.

Grantor/Grantee Search

A very informative article. On one property the liens were many years old from family members that had since passed away. The Title company suggested the seller get a bond, some kind of insurance that will pay out in case a heir makes a future claim. I finally gave up on that property.

Some liens are paid out of the sellers proceeds and some the buyer will pay or I agree to pay if seller is unwilling and their is enuf profit in the deal. Finding them is not a problem, they always turn up when the Title company does their Pre-Lim search. Their online system has substantially less info than the computer in their brick-and-mortar place. Online at home is great for a first pass. Remember, too that even counties with online capability often have only the past thirty years or less available.

Find Your Recorder

You may need to search further back. Jim Replied about 3 years ago. Katie is right, in some counties you have to go to the register of deeds or clerks office for judgements. I suggest getting a professional if you are not sure, and if you do several a year you can work out a volume price with a local attorney. If you only buy through mortgage lenders that is one thing but if your paying cash or have a private lender you must be aware. Susan Maneck investor from Jackson, Mississippi Replied about 3 years ago. Yes, but you will likely want to do your own homework as well especially when you are planning to buy at auction.

Personally, I like to do as much due diligence as I can before I make an offer. Flor Semhat from Houston, Texas Replied almost 3 years ago. What kind of search should I ask the title company i need to get the best results and getting the best information as far as clean title or not a clean title.

Any advise will help. Thank you. Adam Treece Replied over 1 year ago. I know this is an old post, but I do plan on going to an auction and found this all very helpful. As part of my job with the IRS I spend a lot of time at courthouses. As Katie said some counties will have info online and some will not. They know all the little tips and tricks and I have had great luck getting help when I need be. Just make sure you follow the chain of title by doing a search on the piece of property itself as well as a name search for any individuals who have had an interest in the property.

Also search variations of the name such as searching John Doe as well as J Doe. You are right. You would be amazed at the number of possible variations on a SINGLE name and they all turn out to be the same person. In California you have to be especially careful because of Hispanic names. This will be my first time buying at auction. I spoke to a title company they will charge me of course to do the search but what kind of search should I tell them I need on the property and what about taxes on the property?

If the previous owner owes the bank for a loan and the bank has lein on the property because of default on payment who picks up the tab, will that be me if I buy the property. Any advise please. I have done many searches on govt. Am I getting lucky?

Marilyn Sevigny from Acton, California Replied over 2 years ago. Has anyone heard about hiring an abstractor that will go and verify title for judgements and liens? A few weeks ago I saw or heard about a company that does this type of service. Mary Criswell Replied about 2 years ago. Why am I just learning 4 days before the close of escrow that there is a lien on the property? Jerry W.

An old post, but a good post. Title insurance is a must.

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Like health insurance, it does not put money in your pocket, but it protects you from losing everything in a deal. Spot on information, thanks for posting this!

Property Records

I have been researching about lien research, this helps a lot. Lien searches and all Assessor info great website. Thank you Jason! Scott Lee Replied 7 months ago. Good afternoon. Have 2 two unit buildings now. Real Deal info you would share. Rotate Log in or sign up to comment. Related Blog Posts.

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